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Nestlé is the largest food and beverage company in the world and, presently , it can be found in 99% of Brazilian homes (source: Kantar Worldpanel) by providing products and services for people of any age and also for their pets. Focusing on nutrition, health and well-being, its upwards of 2,000 brands vary between national icons, such as Ninho, and global favorites, such as Nescafé. The coffee department, incidentally, is surely relevant to the multinational: it was Nestlé that produced the instant coffee , in the 1920s, leveraging Nescafé to its most valuable brand. Also Nespresso, which created the coffee pads in 1986, started a new market segment, and today, it shares the leadership with Dolce Gusto. In 2019, Nescafé entered the roasted and crushed coffee category launching two premium lines of special coffee: Nescafé Gold and Origins of Brazil. In that same year, the debut of Starbucks At Home first ran in the Nestlé coffee portfolio. For further information on house brands and releases, visit the website.


Nespresso is a pioneer in portioned coffee of the highest sustainable quality. In Brazil since 2006, it has 33 boutiques and about 700 employees in the country's main cities. The brand's home line offers 29 varieties of coffees, plus machines and accessories for a complete experience. The Nespresso Professional line features 15 coffees and machines suitable for high turnover establishments, such as hotels, restaurants, and companies. Through The Positive Cup™ commitment, Nespresso operates in the sustainable management of coffee, aluminum, and climate-related practices with global goals for 2020. The brand has invested in a capsule recycling system in Brazil and has more than 157 collection points. Full information about Nespresso and its commitment to sustainability can be found at

Sistema OCEMG

The OCEMG System works for the growth and for the development of the cooperativism, providing orientation and support necessary for an efficient sector management, strengthening cooperatives societies. It was built by the Minas Gerais State Union and the Cooperatives Organization (OCEMG) - political government offices, trade-unions and employers’ organizations, state cooperativism defense and by the Minas Gerais Nacional Service of Cooperativism learning (SESCOOP-MG) - the entity is responsible for professional training, monitoring and promotion of several Minas cooperatives. The outcome is a reliable and consolidated system which consists of approximately 700 cooperatives from varied branches and with almost two millions of unionized, responsible for an annual amount of over R$ 60 billions.



Sicoob – Different from anything you have ever seen! Sicoob was founded from the dream of making Brazil a more just and democratic country. For this reason, our associated are both customers and owners of the business. In Sicoob's cooperatives, you will find a special and humanized service. Besides that, the cooperatives contribute to the growth of local economies and focus on investing in sustainable development projects. Sicoob offers all the banking products and services, but in a rather different way: sharing the results with the associates, which fosters the local economy, the production, and creates new opportunities for jobs. With excellent financial results, this system encourages the growth in the cities where it operates, with more than 3 thousand service points and bank branch. Sicoob offers personalized assistance to its associates, based on ethics, transparency and fairness.



Living always attentive and open to feel makes the whole experience more intense. Because more than opening your eyes each morning, waking up to life is being ready to feel every moment of the day. A good fresh coffee has the power to drum up the senses. That is why all we do is so that everyone can enjoy the best fresh coffee that can exist. Melitta also has exclusive accessories for you to drum up all your senses and aromas during the preparation of your coffee. Melitta. Fresh coffee to feel life more.





Secretaria de Estado de Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento de Minas Gerais