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Contents and Simultaneous Events

Make your free registration for the simultaneous in-person events in the online accreditation

DNA Coffee

Sustainable Coffee Growing Forum

Minas Coffee Origins Summit

IWCA Brazil Meeting - 10 years

AT&G Senar Awards

Coffee of The Year Awards

Cafeteria Modelo (Workshops)

Streaming Room (discussion panels)

Cupping Rooms (Requires rapid Covid-19 antigen test)

Roasting Experience (paid courses)

Choose the events you want to attend in person. For free in-person events at Expominas, spaces are limited to the capacity of the rooms. Arrive early to secure your seat. Entry by order of arrival.

For the digital event, you will have free access to the contents of the SIC Central - Large Auditorium (DNA CAfé, Sustainable Coffee Culture Forum, Minas Coffee Origins Summit, IWCA Brazil Meeting and awards) in addition to the contents of the Streaming Room (debate panels), without need for prior registration. Access the platform on the days and times indicated in the schedule here on the event platform.