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Ask questions about the event

The International Coffee Week will be from November 18th to 20th, from 9am to 9pm with live, free and interactive programming, besides brands and products exhibition, enjoy!

To participate in the International Coffee Week make your free registration here on the website and enter to watch the content and interact with the exhibitors of the event. If you are an Individual or Legal Entity, just fill out the registration form.

The International Coffee Week is free. Enjoy the days of the event to have access to exclusive content.

If you have not received the confirmation email, please access our support at or (11) 3586-2233.

If you have forgotten your password, go to the registration and fill in your e-mail and indicate that you "forgot your password". You will need to access your e-mail and enable a new password.

This year we will have a standard participation certificate for those who register for the International Coffee Week. Fill in your details and receive it free of charge by e-mail days after the end of the event.

Yes! All contents will have free and unrestricted access. Only the closed event rooms of partners will be indicated previously. Register and enjoy SIC Digital!